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Instructional DVDs · 1 Week Summer Camps · Chicago · San Diego · Seattle · Maple Grove Training & Services · Private Lessons · Small Group · Consulting. Explosive Speed for Hockey Volume 2 DVD. Regular Price: €50.99. Special Price €43.43. Add to Cart ProHybrid Training DVD Volume 1. €50.99. Add to Cart. ProHybrid Training develops consistent goalies that are intelligent athletes. take advantage of this deal. Here's a link to checkout Volume 3 of our DVD Series.

Ice hockey goalie drills need to specifically address how a goalie can eliminate second chance opportunities by giving off juicy rebounds. In this ProSmart. Sport Write Hockey Coaching Board w/Strap and Hook. Our Price .99. Pro Hybrid Training DVD Volume 3 QUICKVIEW. ProHybrid DVD Volume 1. In addition to net movement and puck-stopping mechanics, Volume 1 of the ProHybrid Goaltending System DVD focuses extensively. ProHybrid Training DVD Series Volume 1, 2 & 3 from The ProHybrid Goaltending System provides an organized progressive approach.