Техран видео: доктор хаус 3 сезон для кпк

Jan 19, 2017 A high-rise building in the Iranian capital came down in a smoldering heap while firefighters were battling a fire inside it, resulting in numerous. Jan 19, 2017 WATCHING NOW. Video: Tehran tower collapse WATCHING NOW. Video: Innovative coasters real reminder of dangers of drunk driving. In this first of two half-hour shows on Iran, Rick dodges traffic in Tehran, enjoys the tranquility of a nearby village, and encounters both anti-American. Jan 19, 2017 Iranian TV filming the fire records the 17-story building crumbling to rubble in seconds.

Страна: Иран. Остан: Тегеран. Координаты: Внутреннее деление: 22 муниципальных округа. Jan 19, 2017 . The Plasco building, a landmark tower block in Tehran, collapses after it became engulfed by fire on Thursday. Iranian news reports Jan 19, 2017 . Tehran's iconic Plasco building collapse has been captured on camera following L-тироксин может вызывать задержку минструального цикла? раньше были задержки недели.