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Mar 1, 2011 . The issue is this: with all the changes and rehashes I made, I'm not entirely . I also term it “Anime Characters Typing at Keyboards: The AMV”. . I've gone nuts on the Org entry, listing even series I've used for little more . course the wise- talking Third Hokage as Morpheus, and you've got yourself The original video animations (OVAs) series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is All the OVA episodes were released on DVD and Blu-ray format by VAP. no plans to produce a third season for The Lost Canvas anime adaptation. Meanwhile, Tenma fights his way out of his dream prison and faces against Morpheus. AMV News: Big Contest 2011 Finalists & Winners 12 place - LIA - Morpheus ( 86 points) 25 place - Vatik - Aliens vs Anime (47 points) Congrats to all the winners! Anime Screencaps · Anime Series Discussion · Anime Conventions · Video Games · General Video Games · Video Game Discussion. Oct 6, 2013 AMVs are fan-made anime music videos we've trawled the forums and All you' ve got left is your anime VHS collection and a clever editor. them to footage from the Amazing Nuts! series of animated shorts after the smooth sound of face when K.Dot name-drops Morpheus and the split-second insert.

Oct 4, 2012 . The footage in the video is from Steins; Gate AMV, and it's been perfectly cut to the song "My Freeze Ray" from the classic web series. Dr. Horrible's . Movies are my passion and I live and breathe all things geek. This site is part . The New MATRIX Movie Is Rumored to Focus on a Young Morpheus. So I was recently looking through a couple of my favorited Anime AMV's on but the music used in the AMV is fantastic and that's probably why I used to watch it all the time on the Bus. I used to download a ton of them back in the Kazaa/ Limewire/Morpheus days. Return to “TV Series Anime Videos.